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          • Price:¥0
          • Name:FOTON?FR150
          • Number:72211411713
          • Category:EARTH MOVING MACHINERY
          • Date Added:2013/7/22 22:30:40
          • Views:1805

          Main Features

          1. Isuzu engine with advanced performance, high reliability and strong motive power;
          2. Intercrossing constant power negative flow control of Kawasaki with low energy consumption and fast speed which can ensure the coordination of complex moving;
          3. Electronic monitoring system with speed sensing limit load system can take full advantage of the engine power without overloading. Power mode can be selected according to different working conditions to save energy efficiently.

          4. Electronic diagnosis function can monitor the working condition of principal machine, engine and hydraulic system.

          Main Parameters
          Operation Weight (Standard Configuration) (KN) 13850
          Standard Bucket Capacity 0.6
          Transport Dimensionsmm 7700*2520*2850
          Bucket Digging Force (KN) 93.2
          Bucket Rob Digging Force (KN) 78.3
          Maximum Traction (KN) 110
          High-low Speed (Km/h) 6.2/3.8
          Climbing Performance(°) 30
          Total Length of the Crawler 3630
          Tail Turning Radius (mm) 2250
          Width of the Crawler 500
          Ground Pressure (Kpa) 43
          Turning Mechanism
          Turning Speed (rpm) 13
          Model BB-4BG1TRP Isuzu BB-4BG1TRP
          Form Four Cylinders, Direct Injection, Water-cooling, Overhead Valve, turbocharger
          Rated Power/Rotate Speed (KW/rpm) 73.5/2200
          Rated Torque/Rotate Speed (N.m/rpm) 218/1000
          Cylinder Diameter*Stroke (mm) 105*125
          Output Value (L) 3.922
          Fuel Consumption (g/KW.h) 240
          Hydraulic System
          Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 247
          Main Pump Pressure (Mpa) 31.4/34.3
          Main Pump Flow 2*138
          Operating Scope
          Maximum Digging Height (mm) 8440
          Maximum Dumping Height (mm) 6000
          Maximum Digging Depth (mm) 5435
          Maximum Digging Radius (mm) 8300

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